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OUR MISSION: Mojave Desert Land Trust protects the Mojave Desert ecosystem and its scenic and cultural resource values.


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Mojave Desert Land Trust’s service area
encompasses the eastern Mojave Desert,
reaching from Death Valley National Park
to the Mexico border.  This region
includes three national parks,
five military installations, forty five
BLM Wilderness areas and several
major population centers.

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The California Desert is a functioning intact ecosystem, stretching across 29 million acres, or 28% of California’s landmass.  It is home to rare plants and magnificent creatures – a place of scenic wonder and tremendous biological diversity.  In the fast growing West, the threats to this priceless heritage are greater than ever.  Many plants are threatened or endangered, star-filled night skies are impacted by light pollution, wildlife habitat is fragmented, and wildlife corridors are disrupted by development.

Mojave Desert Land Trust conserves land with important biological, cultural and scenic values.  Our work helps to secure the biodiversity, beauty, and integrity of healthy desert ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.  We have protected 50,000 acres of desert land through acquisition, land stewardship and strategic partnerships.


MDLT has moved

The Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT) headquarters is located two miles west of downtown Joshua Tree. Situated in a wildlife linkage with a view of our Gateway Parcel Section 33, we are uniquely positioned to carry forth our mission from a place that accurately reflects and effectively represents our organization's vision and its commitment to the Mojave Desert ecosystem. We look forward to the deepening of our mission as we map out the future of our new conservation center. Thank you for your continued support!

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May 28, 20156-8pm Attend the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act Letter Writing Party at MDLT Join us for letter writing to targeted elected officials and an update about the CDCRA of 2015.

June 13, 20155-6pm JTAG & MDLT Present: "A Changing Desert, How To Navigate Climate Change" - A presentation by local conservationists at Joshua Tree Art Gallery.

June 13, 2015 • 9am-1pm Salvage Saturday Kick-Off Sale at MDLT Stop and shop! A treasure-trove of trash – mined from our Mojave Desert stewardship activities... Read more...

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Painting ©
Diane Best
Landscape painting of the great Mojave Desert by Diane Best.

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